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Choosing furniture handles

Furniture handles - is a necessary hardware front, in addition to practical functions also serves as decoration furniture. It is therefore important to choose not only the quality, but also a beautiful pen. These elements should complement each furniture fittings, create the appearance of the interior.
In the domestic furniture market can find furniture handles, manufactured and Russian and foreign companies. This furniture is presented in a wide range. To determine the choice, you need to decide from what should be written in pen furniture:
• wood - typically used traditional wood species and valuable varieties - wenge, beech, oak, eucalyptus;
• Plastic - such pens furniture can be of any shape, size and colors but are inferior in practical because of low cost;
• metal - for the production of exclusive furniture handles rarely used precious metals, most alloys, manufacturers experimenting with aluminum, tin, zinc, etc.;
• ceramic or porcelain. This material can be covered with paintings, carvings, pearl and patina
• Combined - Most of them are a combination mettela and Swarovski crystals, as well you can find a broom with wood, metal with stone
A variety of forms dictated fantasy master and demands. It is important that this cabinet hardware combined with the other components, then the furniture handle will only complement the interior, and will not be alien stroke. Century personality often dictates the rules when choosing handles, made from several materials - be it metal alloys and so on. But the material can sometimes be only the basis of disguised under different finishes. This artificial aging under the silver and bronze, chrome, nickel, gold 24 carat plating, lacquering, enamelling, etc.
The common course with mounting screws, and a tech screws, glue, cutting into litsevae panel. It is better to choose furniture handles which are attached with screws traditionally, Wedboo, do not forget that the pen must bear a load to have a long life cycle. And take into account the weight of the furniture doors or drawers, to calculate the approximate load provided by the handle. Picking the right furniture knobs, you can not worry about replacing them in the future, they last a long time.
Types of furniture handles
Buying furniture handles, can focus on the look of a particular piece of furniture or pick up a pen design space. If the interior is decorated in a classic style, baroque, you can choose furniture handles "antique". A perfect fit with this design handles of metal, stone. The modern interior would be ideal furniture fittings, plastic, glass and metal.
Furniture you can buy the following handles:
• pens keys - they are installed, usually with 1 vintoa, shape handle can be any, most often it is round, oval or rectangular and accessories;
• pull handles - two attachment points;
• handle-rails - similar to the staple, but generally have a more elongated shape;
• handle-shell - either protruding handles furniture, or depth, mortise;
• handle-bars - they are fixed in two or more points, and usually do not stand out and blend in with the furniture plane;
• pens, pendants - attached to one or two points, it can be a suspension ring, pendant-drop or handle any other geometric shapes that are not fixed throughout.
Choose whether you want the handle to be made of the same material as the main components of the furniture - doors, drawers, shelves, sides, top and bottom walls. Although you can stop and contrasting combinations. Thus, the furniture made of wood traditionally choose metal handles for glass doors - plastic handles or furniture made of stone.
When choosing furniture handles to assess how safe to use are those elements. This is especially true of handles that will decorate the furniture in the nursery. Handles should be comfortable, it does not matter for what constitutes interergogo they are selected. Therefore, an important parameter is the size of the furniture handles, and accessories you can buy small and large details.



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